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Put the Bookworm widget on your blog to minimize social clutter.

It's free. It's easy.

When the Bookworm widget is installed on a blog the readers only see the social controls they have specified.

I'm a blogger.

If you’re a blogger, adding the Bookworm widget to your blog is a great way to reduce the clutter and increase your traffic. Learn more >>

But I don’t have a blog.

Bookworm isn’t just for bloggers - If you read blogs that have the Bookworm widget and you have signed up here - you will only see the social options you have chosen. Learn more >>

Join the beta!

We aren’t quite ready to go live yet. But we are looking for partners. If you have a blog and would like to be a part of the beta, please let us know.

Simple, Elegant.

Bookworm is an easy way to provide a variety of social “options” that will help your readers share, save and interact with your content.

Give your readers what they want.

Bloggers are confronted with hundreds of choices when deciding which social options they want to add to their blogs. Bookworm describes each option in detail and ranks them in terms of popularity and category. This allows you to choose which options make the most sense for your blog. Your readers can then determine which social options they want to see, eliminating unnecessary clutter.

Consistancy = simplicity.

The easier your blog is to share and the less unnecessary options distracting your readers, the more your blog will be read. Because Bookworm is a consistent experience for readers across all blogs they immediately recognize and know how to use it. Further, because your readers only see the options they have defined, they are more likely to... be social!

If you would like your blog to be part of the beta please let us know.

Social Portability.

Bookworm allows you to take your social networks with you as you browse. Whether commenting, bookmarking, ranking, emailing or sharing, Bookworm has you covered.

What are these little icons?

Blogs thrive on readers. In an effort to attract readers, bloggers tend to include every “sharing” option they can fit (and even some they can’t). Instead of focusing on the content, readers are usually assaulted by an army of unidentifiable icons and links, all demanding to be clicked. The majority of these icons are meaningless to most readers. Bookworm explains what each of these icons is for and allows you to turn them “on” or “off” - so you decide which icons you see.

More great features.

We are releasing Bookworm with a limited set of social options - all of the popular ones. We plan on adding some exciting features in the near future, so stay tuned!

We’re excited to hear your thoughts & ideas, just drop us a line.